Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Do you believe that social media has increased the quality of news and information or decreased it

Personally i believe that social media is very popular and people benefit from it as it is convenient to use and easily available to everyone. The most significant benefit of using social media it  is an accessible and inexpensive source of communication that enables unrestricted flow and exchange of information. It allows people to post the current news and events regardless of their global position from the entire world.

The birth of the internet saw a new method of broadcasting news podcast, laptops and internet friendly cell phone. However, this allowed people to expand on the news where they could comment, send or blog. In my opinion being able to view the news online works best for me. In regards to people commenting and essentially becoming authors, editors and publishers, I feel that if they want to share their personal thoughts on the news and other people read about it than it is the reader's choice. There are some passionate people who literally make it their duty, to post the current happenings. Once you find that said person, you really don't need to pay much attention to the papers, news or radio. Some news sites do not allow posts from viewers, but it is where Facebook and Twitter come in to picture. Social media plays an enormous part in the distribution of news.
Although, there is a percentage that still reads their news from a local or national newspaper. But as time progresses and more people will use online sources than traditional sources of media. Social media like Facebook and Twitter caused fundamental shift in quality of news and information look at what's happening at   Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Only this social media could have caused this and confirms that this social media is nothing less than a revolution.
Overall, I am against the idea that social media has decreased the quality of the news we read today.

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